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We didn’t say it, they said it!

Using Visual DLP has created organization and structure within our lab that helps us grow to the next level. There are so many features we have not even touched that will allow us to continue using this even as our needs increase. The customer service is fantastic! Fast response to questions and even a willingness to adjust the system for individual preferences and ideas makes this a great solution for everyone.
Trey Ford

Removables Manager, Fords Dental Lab

I am super happy with how we have implemented VisualDLP here at Ledford Dental Lab! I am comfortable with the system and think I know most of the ends and outs. Thanks to Alex for helping me with the invoices and work tickets!

Ledford Dental Lab

As a scheduler for Roy Dental Lab, I started using VisualDLP on January 1st, 2018. Before that we were using an older lab manager program. Since then I have scheduled over 10,350 cases over the course of the two years that we have been using the program. As VisualDLP has evolved and new things have been added, I have been impressed with what it has become. Even more impressive is that I have had input to that process! It is very easy to use, and I get the same results every day. When I have had a problem, suggestion, or question my email was answered within minutes, or a reasonable amount of time depending on how busy you guys were (understandably)! Every time I called, you guys were accessible, helpful, and gentle in teaching me things that I didn’t know. Some times you were already aware of the problem and in the middle of fixing it before I even called. You were very helpful in giving me exactly what I wanted on my Invoice sheets (thanks, Alex) and they make our business look professional. The search features are so easy, when doctor’s offices call us and need information on past cases it is there within seconds. Being able to pull up a doctor, patient name, or invoice number is a piece of cake and our clients like how fast we can help them. I also like the ability to populate daily lists for production.
So a huge thank you from Roy Dental Lab to your excellent team of people at Jenmar for the stellar support of you product. To anyone thinking about purchasing VisualDLP or other products from Jenmar, I wouldn’t hesitate to encourage you to get them. Anyone can have a great product, which Jenmar has, but most importantly is the second to none service and support that Jenmar gives with their product and that’s what makes Jenmar stand head and shoulders above the rest.
Jerrett Roy

Scheduler, Roy Dental Lab

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