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– Linking Remake and Adjustment Orders
– Phonetic Patient Name Search
– Order Entry and Invoicing Alerts
– Viewing Payments Applied To An Invoice


Linking Remake and Adjustment Orders

If you need to link a previous order to a Remake or Adjustment, you can now quickly do so from the search results screen. Linking Orders will copy information from the original order.

Read more about Linking Orders in VisualDLP here:


Phonetic Patient Name Search

Sometimes Patient names are entered into orders incorrectly or are sent in on the prescription misspelled.  This can make finding the order for that patient challenging later.   Now, VisualDLP’s Order Search feature implements a phonetic name search that will find matches that sound the same.  For instance, if you search for Buddy the Elf, the following names would be returned even though they are misspelled because they sound the same:   Buttie the Elph, Budi the Elv, Buddie the Elph.

To learn more about Phonetic Patient Name Search, click here:


Order Quick View

Quickly view an order from the Order List or Search results without opening it completely.  Now you can see the first five products on an order, tooth numbers and shade information without opening the order.   You may also search by the Product Names, tooth or shade to find orders.

Learn more about Order Quick View in VisualDLP here:


Viewing Payments Applied To An Invoice

Now you can tell your accounts exactly which payments or credits paid for an invoice.  Whether you apply payments to individual invoices or to the oldest balance, you can see how payments were applied.

Learn more about viewing Applied Payments in VisualDLP here:

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