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– Account Overview and Search
– Product Revenue Splits
– Multiple Delivery Address Alert
– Product TagAlongs
– Link Complaints to Doctor or Case



Account Overview Pop-Up

If you need to quickly answer questions for an account about Orders, Outstanding balance, or view Sales, you can now use the Account Overview pop-up.  The pop-up lets you search by doctor or account and view relevant information about the account such as Phone Numbers, Addresses, Email Addresses, Case Status, Sales, Balance Info and Complaints.

Read more about the Account Overview Pop-up in VisualDLP here:

Product Revenue Splits and Deductions

If you need to allocate a product’s revenue to more than one department, you can use Product Revenue Splits.  Revenue Splits let you allocate revenue from a product based on percentage or a flat deduction, or both!

To learn more about Product Revenue Splits and Deductions, click here:

Multiple Delivery Address Alerts

If an Account has more than one Delivery Address setup, now an Icon will appear during Order Entry to alert the user that there is more than one potential delivery address available.

Learn more about Delivery Address Alerts in VisualDLP here:

Product Tag-Alongs

If you find yourself adding the same product over and over when a specific product is entered into an order, now you can use Product Tag-A-Longs to automate the entry of products that always accompany a main product.

Learn more about Product Tag-A-Longs in VisualDLP here:

Link Complaints to Doctor or Order

If you are using the Complaint Log to track complaints, you can now link complaints you enter to a specific Doctor or Order.  The complaints will also show up on the Account Overview pop-up.

Learn more about linking Complaints to Doctors or Orders in VisualDLP here:

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