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New Reports 

Sales Tax By Tax Type:   Lists taxable sales and the tax collected by invoice.   Grouped by Tax Jurisdiction.   This report can be found in Finance/Accounts/Reports.

Cases By Date In:   Lists Orders Received in a date range.  Shows Doctor, Patient, Product, Units, and Remakes.   This report can be found in Orders/Order Entry/Reports.

Cases By Ship Date:   Lists Orders where the ship date falls in a user supplied date range.   Shows the order details and date invoiced.  Grouped by Delivery Route.  This report can be found in Orders/Order Entry/Reports.

Account Department Analysis:   This cross-tab report summarizes each Account’s Sales, Remakes, Units and Remake Units by Department.  This report can be found in Orders/Order Entry/Reports.

Creating Proposals 

If a doctor wants to see a proposal before beginning a case, you can now easily create one to send to them.  Then when they proceed with the case, you simply convert the proposal to a new order and schedule it.   Proposals may be printed or exported to PDF.

Read more about proposals in VisualDLP here:

Custom Work Tickets for Workflows and Products

If your lab partners with other labs or manufacturers and is required to send an order form or work ticket to that partner, now you can design a custom work ticket linked to certain workflows and products.  This means in addition to your internal work ticket, you will now have a custom work ticket showing only what is necessary for your partner to fulfill their part of production.

To learn more about Custom Work Tickets for Workflows, click here:

Order Entry Alerts and Invoicing Alerts

Never forget an important note about an account again.  Now you can enter Alerts that will pop-up at order entry when an account is selected.   You can also have alerts appear when you invoice an order for an account.

Learn more about Order Entry and Invoicing Alerts here:

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