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Setting Up New Employees In VisualDLP

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    What You’ll Need

    Employee First and Last name and the list of Activities they are authorized to complete in Workflows.


    Required Steps have an asterisk next to them.

    1. Log into VisualDLP as an Admin user then from the Dashboard, click on the Order Management Module.
    2. Click on People/Employees/Add New *
    3. Enter the First Name of the employee you are adding.  You can use up to 255 characters. *
    4. Enter the Last Name of the employee you are adding.  You can use up to 255 characters. *
    5. Enter a 4 digit numeric PIN number if your lab is using the Employee Interface.  This will be used to validate the identity of the employee in that module.
    6. If you are scheduling orders to individual technicians, enter the Daily Minute Capacity of the employee.  For instance, if the employee works 8 hours a day, you should enter 480 minutes.  You may subtract minutes for lunch, or even skill level.
    7. Click the Save button.


    Optional Steps if you have already setup Activities.

    1. After saving the new employee record, click on the Activities tab.
    2. Search for an activity to add to the employee’s list of Activities they can complete in order.
    3. Select the activity from the result list.
    4. Click the Add Activity button.




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