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Order Entry and Invoicing Alerts

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    You can add alerts to an account that will appear when you:

    1) enter an order for that account or
    2) invoice an order for that account

    These alerts can be used to remind of important information about the account.   The alerts appear as a pop-up on the order entry screen and can be clicked closed with either a mouse-click or a the Enter key on the keyboard

    Adding Alerts To an Account

    1. Log into VisualDLP as a user then from the Launch Pad, click on the Order Management Module.
    2. From the menu on the left, Click on Finance/Accounts and then search for the Account to want to add an alert to
    3. Click on the Account Settings tab
    4. Enter the alert in the box designated for Order Entry or Invoicing Alerts
    5. Click the Save button.

    When you enter an Order for the account, a pop-up will appear after you select the doctor and the corresponding default account.   For Invoice alerts, the Alert will appear after you choose to Invoice the order.  You will be prompted to cancel invoicing or to proceed.

    Note:  If the doctor has more than one account and you select another account, if there is an alert on that account, it will pop-up after being selected.


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