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Introduction To Accounts and Doctors in VisualDLP

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    Doctor – An individual with a name, an address, a birthday, and other unique identifying properties.   Doctors are authorized to order products from your lab.   They are not LLC’s, Corporations, or Businesses.  However, they may work for one.  This is an important distinction.  Doctors muse have an Account with your lab in order to place an order.

    Account – An account is the financial entity that owes your lab money and accumulates an Accounts Receivable balance when you invoice orders entered under the account.   It is not a person.  But it may be named as a person.  It may also be named for the business, company, location or branch.

    Default Account – The default account in a doctors record is the billing account that is automatically selected when you enter an order for a doctor.


    Relationship Between Doctors and Accounts

    Doctors may have one or more accounts in VisualDLP.  But each doctor will only have one Default Account.   A doctor may have several accounts based on where they work during the week.  Or they may be based on location.   When you create a doctor record and save it, you can then add Accounts to the doctor on the Account Tab.

    All financial terms and delivery addresses are setup in the account record, not the doctors record.   The address and phone numbers in the doctor record are used for contact and marketing purposes.  Only address entered in the account may be used for order delivery.


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