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Creating Customer Defined Fields in VisualDLP

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    Often you need to store data about a product, account or doctor but there isn’t a dedicated field setup for it.   You can add Customer Defined Fields to store anything you may want to recall later.   Examples may be:

    1. A doctor’s dental school
    2. Operatory count
    3. A product’s warranty information
    4. An account’s Current Purchase Order #

    To add Customer Defined Fields for either a Doctor, Account or Product, follow the steps below.



    1. Log into VisualDLP as an Admin user then from the Dashboard, click on the Order Management Module.
    2. Depending on which record type you want to add to, click either People/Doctor, Product Management/Products, or Finance/Accounts
    3. Search for the record you are adding the Customer Defined Field to
    4. Click on the record you want to edit in the result list
    5. Click on the Customer Defined Field tab
    6. Click on the Edit button
    7. Click the Add New button that appears
    8. Enter the name of new Customer Defined Field you are adding.  Then click OK
    9. You now have a new field for this record that you can enter your information into
    10. Be sure to click save after you have entered the data you want to save with the record.
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