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Custom Work Tickets for Workflows and Products

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    There are times when a particular product or workflow needs to have a custom Work Ticket.  For example, if your lab were to out-source production of a product or component to a partner lab or manufacturer you may need to send a work order request along to the partner.  In this example, the lab receiving the order from the doctor may not want to share all the details of the account on the work ticket.   With the Custom Work Ticket Override, the lab can specify a specific work ticket design for each workflow.  This means you can customize a work ticket to show only what is required by the out-sourcing partner to see on work ticket.

    Once you have a Work Ticket design linked to a workflow, you can then add products that use that workflow to it.  Then when you enter an order with that product on it, you can select the workflow with the custom Work Ticket linked to it.

    In Orders that have more than one product on them, if there are separate workflows on each product and only one of the workflows has a custom Work Ticket defined, then two documents will be produced.  One default Work Ticket and one custom.  This is ideal when you have part of the Order produced in-house and part of the Order is made by a partner.


    Setting Up Custom Work Tickets for Workflows

    1. Log into VisualDLP as an Admin user then from the Dashboard, click on the Order Management Module.
    2. From the menu on the left, Click on Production and then click on Work Flows
    3. Search for the Workflow you want to link a custom Work Ticket to.  If it does not exist yet, create it following these steps.
    4. Click on the Flag labeled “It has a Work Ticket Override”
    5. Select the Custom Work Ticket from the Drop Down.  If only your default Work Ticket appears, contact support to arrange for a custom Work Ticket to be designed.


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