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Creating Proposals for Accounts

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    There are times when an account wants to know ahead of time how much a case is going to cost.  You can create proposals in VisualDLP and print out a copy of it to send to the Doctor.  Creating a proposal uses similar steps as creating an order, however Proposals cannot be scheduled or invoiced.  They will be marked as Proposed in the order list.

    When creating a proposal you can add notes and comments just like you can on an actual order.  You also add products as you do in Order entry.  Pricing comes from the price list the account is on or any special pricing that has been setup.

    Note. sales tax is not included in proposals.


    Creating A Proposal

    1. Log into VisualDLP as an Admin user then from the Dashboard, click on the Order Management Module.
    2. Click on the + sign in the header bar
    3. Select Create Proposal from the menu
    4. Enter the Doctor and ensure the correct account is selected
    5. Enter Patient, Shade information
    6. Enter Product, Quantity and Tooth Number information
    7. Save the Proposal

    You may Print out a copy of the Proposal by click View Proposal under the Things You Can Do menu


    Convert A Proposal To An Order

    Once a proposal has been accepted, you do not have to re-enter the information again. Simple choose Convert Proposal To Order in the Things You Can Do menu

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