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Adding Products in VisualDLP

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    What You’ll Need

    Unique product name, and optionally, a description that you want to use internally and on invoices.   You may also categorize products by department, and type.


    Required Steps have an asterisk next to them.

    1. Log into VisualDLP as an Admin user then from the Dashboard, click on the Order Management Module.
    2. Click on Product Management/Products/Add New *
    3. Enter the name of the product in Product Name.  You can use up to 255 characters. *
    4. Enter a short code in Alpha Code.   This can be used during order entry to quickly find the product.
    5. Enter description and invoice description in the appropriate fields.
    6. Select a Product Department.  If you don’t have departments setup click save then go to Settings/Departments
    7. Set Unit Value to how many units this product is worth.  See Discussion below for more info.
    8. Set the Income Account in the General Ledger
    9. Set the desired option flags in the new product (Variable Price, Discountable, etc)   See Discussion below for more info.
    10. Enter any notes in Invoice Notes that should appear on the invoice when this product is present.



    Product Names should be descriptive enough that a user can easily find them when searching.  You have up to 255 characters to describe the product so use it.   An Alpha code may be used to contain product short codes or IDs that users may be accustomed to in previous systems.

    Unit Values let you define the unit equivalence for the product.  For instance, if you create a product called a 10 Unit Bridge, you would enter quantity 1 at order entry.  But you would set the Unit Value to 10 to keep your unit reporting accurate.

    The Variable Priced flag, when set, allows users to override the pre-defined pricing when a product is enter into an order.   A variable price product unit price will show in a red color during order entry.

    The Discoutable flag indicates whether a product can receive a line item discount during Order Entry.

    Can Be Rushed – currently not used in scheduling or order entry.

    The Show On Web Portal flag determines whether a product is visible during order entry by a doctor through the web portal.

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