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Adding A New City To A Postal or Zip Code

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    Occassioanlly, a new suburb or city is incorporated into an existing Postal Code.  If this happens, when you search for a Postal/Zip Code while adding an address you will get the existing CIty returned in the results when in fact you want the new one.   To add this new city or incorporated area into the postal/zip code follow the steps bellow.


    1.  Log into the Order Management module from the VisualDLP Dashboard
    2. Click on Finance/Accounts
    3. Search for the Account you want to add the new address for.
    4. In the Postal Code value for the new address, enter a value that will not return a search result like 11111.  This returns “No Results Found.  Click Here To Add”
    5. Click the Search Results drop down to open the Add Location dialog.
    6. Enter the Country
    7. If required, enter the County
    8. Enter the Region/State
    9. Enter the Postal or Zip Code
    10. Enter the City
    11. Click the Save button.


    You may now search for the the postal code you just added and select the correct city.

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