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Let’s compare the features in Jenmar VisualDLP vs. Jenmar DLPlus, our original client/server version of Jenmar software.

Features VisualDLP DLPlus
Order Management
Manage production workflows and activities*
Track remakes – internal and external
Manage doctor and account preferences
Create Custom Production Workflows By Product or Account
Audit Changes To Orders (dates, prices, product) and who made them**
Employee Interface
Leave QC feedback at each step of production
View activities assigned or due that day and into the future***
Add materials and lot numbers to orders
Batch Barcode Each Step of Production
Lab Dashboard
Track who is working on an order
Unit Count due that day
See the availability of each order
Updates in real-time as technicians complete work
View Images and Files Attached To Orders
Report Designer
Easy to Use Drag and Drop interface
Custom Report Groupings
Schedule report delivery to users daily, weekly and monthly
Asset Manager
Email and Text reminders
Integration with third-party calendars
Recurring and one-time event tracking
Delivery Driver
Batch processing to create delivery manifests by route
Real-time updates of delivery status
Invite Practices to send cases using EasyRx
Receive EasyRx Cases
Receive digital files
Share clinical notifications
Access to EasyRx 3D ****
Direct Integration with EasyRx
UPS World Ship
My Lab Connect
3 Shape Communicate (In Development)
User Interface
All prescriptions and files securely stored and backed up in the cloud
Compatible with Mac and PC
Responsive mobile design suited for smart phones
Compatible and scalable with current OS and technology
* VisualDLP – Shared workflows between products, streamlining process. DLPlus – Manually go through each task/activity.

** VisualDLP – Ability to audit changed to orders from VisualDLP. DLPlus – Requires support assistance to obtain audit.

*** VisualDLP – Users have live look at lab activity on lab dashboard.

**** EasyRx 3D View is included in Jenmar VisualDLP. EasyRx 3D Basing Software is available for an additional fee.

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