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In my first post on our VisualDLP product blog I talked about the three things I was committing Jenmar to doing as we roll out our latest software. If you missed it, here are the three main points.

  1. To never forget that our customers rely on our service and our product for their own success and they always deserve our best.
  2. To Innovate! Innovate! Innovate!
  3. To always listen to the voice of our customers

In this post, I am going to lay out how we are planning to listen to the Voice of the Customer.   I believe that our best ideas come to us when we are trying to solve a problem.   Our customers are great at articulating the problems they have and why they have turned to us in the first place.   They are the ones dealing with the calls from their customers every day and trying to use the tools we give them to provide the best service.   If something is not working they will usually let you know. But sometimes in the heat of the moment when they come up with that great idea that would make their job easier, they just need a fast way to tell you about it.   If not, it will quickly leave their mind and may not ever be conveyed to us.

We’ve built a feedback systems right into our new lab management software, VisualDLP.   It can be accessed from anywhere in the software and the user tell us exactly how they feel about feature or module they are using.  Even better, they can grab a screenshot so there is no guessing on our end about where they were in the software or what they were doing.   You can see this feedback mechanism in the screen shot below.


I feel like this is the best time to get the honest feedback from users.  In the heat of the moment when they either extremely frustrated and need a place to vent, or really excited that they just thought of a way to improve on what they are using.  Either way, we wanted to give our users a path for expressing that feedback to us, good or bad.

When the feedback is submitted it comes directly to my inbox.   I want to be the one who reviews what our customers are saying so I can include it in our daily stand-ups with our support and development team.

The voice of the customer can be brutal sometimes.   But it is honest and it is their reality – ignore it, and they may stop talking to you for good.


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